• Custom Home Painting
    No matter the number of rooms, interior or exterior painting or when you need us at your home, Matt Young Painting is the local expert in residential painting. We will work with you to be there when you need us there and will work with you each step of the project. From choosing the perfect color scheme to finalizing the masterpiece in your home. Call Matt Young Painting today to request a quote and schedule an appointment!
    Professional, Quality, Affordable - That's The Matt Young Standard!

  • Wallpapering
    Are you tired of always having to look at that outdated wallpaper from the '90s? Matt Young Painting will remove the wallpaper without damaging your walls. We can make your wall look like new again with our expert painting and wallpapering services.
  • Trim & Siding
    The crew at Matt Young Painting can replace, install, paint and refinish any kind of trim and siding on the inside or outside of your home. Updating the interior and exterior trim and siding on a home will increase the value and look of the home.
  • Deck Restoration
    Restore your home's worn out deck today by calling Matt Young Painting. Our team can work with any size deck, any kind of wood that was used to build the deck and we can work any time you need us there.
  • Pressure Washing
    Do you need to have your deck, driveway, sidewalk or exterior of your home pressure washed? Call the expert pressure washers at Matt Young Painting to make your any exterior part of your home shine like new again! Our pressure washing is safe, eco-friendly and affordable.

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